“The business side of any company starts and ends with hard-core analysis of its numbers” – Bill Gates



  • Analysis and assessment of the financial statements and economic situation of the company
  • Preparation or review and update of business strategy / business plan
  • Building of the financial forecast model
  • Building of the financial model or tools for cash flow monitoring and analysis
  • Preparation of the changes’ implementation schedule
  • Advice in preparation of the function specification for IT tools for management information system
  • Advice in changes implementation in the company
  • Supervision of the reorganization processes conducted in the company
  • Acquisition of new funds from financial institutions or from investors (including agreement negotiation process)
  • Help in modification of the existing, external financing structure (including agreement re-negotiation process)
  • Help in preparation of the process descriptions in the finance management area of the company or credit risk management area of the financial institution, including also the critical items of the operational risk.

Differentiates us:

  • Merit and focused approach to the topics analized and assessed; making practical use of our 26 years’ experience in financial and economic analysis as well as risk assessment of the companies acting in different industry sectors (from farmers and producers of food to still mills and shipyards)
  • Services provided by the highly qualified experts with long term job experience adequate to the project which is being performed
  • Clear and straight-forward communication
  • Effective cooperation with the teams operating in the Client’s company, with financial institutions, potential investors, legal counsels and other cooperating entities.